The Walking Dead is more than a genre show and ratings hit.

It is about humanity. 

The Primetime Emmy Awards is already accepting nominations for it’s 66th year. Thus AMC is now pumped up to include it’s award-winning show The Walking Dead in the list.

The cable network is using its Emmy campaign this year to promote the zombie drama’s focus on humanity, rather than the gore and special effects most genre shows are known for. The series of posters highlights the character-driven — and often heart-wrenching — moments that comprised Walking Dead’s recently concluded fourth season with the tagline “Something Human.”

AMC’s marketing guru Linda Schupack tells The Hollywood Reporter, “We wanted to remind Emmy voters of both the beauty of the actors’ performances and the powerful storylines that motivated them”.

“We’ve always said that The Walking Dead is a character drama that asks and explores some very fundamental questions — what does it mean to survive and how do you hold on to your humanity amid all these really terrible things happening? This Emmy campaign focuses on those powerful, emotional moments and performances that underscore these very questions”, she adds.

So far, The Walking Dead has only won the Emmy’s Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup in 2011 and 2012.The final Emmy nominees will be announced July 10, 2014 and awarding is in August.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter






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